Download 33 Ayat of Quran | ৩৩ আয়াত pdf ডাউনলোড ও ফজিলত

33 Ayat of Al-Quran as a shield of safety from Saitan Jin. The 33 verses are basically the strongest 33 verses of the Quran. The devil genie constantly casts a spell on you and tries to sustain that spell. When you listen to verse 33, mercy comes from Allah, which comes from listening to other verses of the Qur’an, and angels try to purify your body.

Since these 33 verses are too powerful for Satan to retain the spell, it is destroyed. In this way Satan will constantly try and fail, inshaallah. Once the person gets bored and moves away from the person or slows down the spell, the person feels better. Many times, while listening to verse 33, headache, irritation, anger, it happens to those who have more magic. Genetic patients are more prone to this problem.

Besides, many of its benefits have been witnessed in the light of experience. As it is in the ayats od Quran Majid, if you read them properly, magic, ghosts, demons, robbers, and all kinds of dangers are removed In-Sa-Allah.

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